Life.Love.Rhapsody. is a life-journal, a collection of personal stories, interests, life adventures, and my day to day . I share my love for everything vintage, artisinal & handmade, my passion for interior design, fashion, art & music. I ramble about my love for food, yoga and how they play a part in my quest for a healthier and more fulfilling life. I speak extensively on my love for philanthropy & volunteering, my quirky adventures in travel & my everyday life. I'm hoping this journal will also serve as a memoir for my children and future generations in my family and hope it inspires them to live life to the fullest, to be kind, compassionate and never stop dreaming. 

About Me
I'm a simple, carefree, happy, fun-loving spirit. i like to think of myself as somewhat of a purist (at least in today's generation, lol). i love life. the small things are what matter the most - dreamin', precious moments with family & friends, laughing, alone time, dancing, kisses and "i love you's" just because. I love practicing yoga, volunteering, gerber daisies, food, nature, kindred spirits, adventure and everything vintage & handmade. i love the sand, sun and water. i am a sister, a lover, a child and a dreamer at heart. Miami beach is my home but I'm a native child of the Dominican Republic. I am a child of this universe with my own personal flaws, but my heart is infinite and boundless. i aspire to touch the heart of others in extraordinary ways; i make a small difference with a simple smile, compassion and kindness, they're my biggest virtues.

I also live with Lupus - have lived with it for over 10 years, but it doesn't define me. In fact, I'm on a mission to create awareness and find a way to help those with auto-immune diseases live symptom free and without medications. If you or anyone you know can help in my quest or can benefit from the information i post, would love if you contacted me, followed or shared my blog. 

LoveJoy Vintage is a social company and online indie shop. it is a hip enlcave which was founded out of love for simple, unique, eclectic and smart fashion & design, the love for everything vintage & handmade, and not to forget our love for a great bargain. explore a veritable treasure trove of new and ethnic designs, as well as a pretty nifty collective garden of handmade and vintage finds.

LoveJoy Vintage designs and curates a playful, bold and offbeat collection of high-quality handmade and vintage craft where each piece is personally handpicked by me. For our handmade and ethnic collection, i travel the world in search of the most eclectic and radical finds from the most fresh and creative artisans and indie designers. The vintage finds are personally handpicked by me from my travels and my treasure hunts in garage sales, markets, estate sales and thrift shops.

the inspiration behind my collection originates from so many elements of life: my love for travel, my adoration for everything artisanal and bohemian, the beauty of nature, diversity, people, creativity, style, righteousness, and most of all GIVING BACK.  the selection is the perfectly harmonious union between vintage, artisinal and bohemian. 

our seeds of love are rooted in the idea that sustainability, creativity, compassion and kindness can make our universe a much sweeter place. We inspire change in the world through fashion, art, volunteering sustainability and GIVING BACK! 

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