Friday, March 6, 2015

Inspiring Spaces: Magical Treehouse Retreat in Atlanta

All images via Airbnb
I really enjoy exploring and traveling to new places. Alright, alright... most of us do! But I especially love going 
to places that are enchanting, whimsical and off the beaten path. Where I can experience things that I had never 
dreamt of. And see things that I had never imagined. What can I say, I'm a sucker for adventure and the uncharted.

Even when I have no plans to travel, every once in a while I'll go online (to Pinterest and Airbnb, a couple of 
my favorite sites) to discover these pretty places. And as I daydream of my next journey, I'm overcome with 
a sense of happiness and a strong desire to take-off once again. 

Well just recently, while rummaging through the Airbnb site, I came across the most adorable treehouse retreat; 
secluded right in the heart of Atlanta. I know it's hard to imagine "Atlanta" and "secluded" being in the same sentence. 
But yes, this little gem is located right in Buckhead. However, it's set amongst lush greenery, so you'll feel completely 
disconnected from all the chaos and the outside world. The pictures just won me over. It looks like a little piece of heaven, 
a quaint little paradise with everything you could possibly need to have a magical experience. I just had to share it 
with you guys. I'll be saving this one in my travel bucket list for my next visit to Atlanta. Hope you guys enjoy!

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