Friday, February 13, 2015

The Best Cinnamon Rolls on the Planet - A Visit to Knaus Berry Farm

So for the last couple of years I've been hearing so much about these famous rolls from Knaus Berry Farm. I hear 
people obsessing over them constantly, and just recently I came across an article raving about this gooey 
cinnamon goodness. So of course my obsessive compulsive desire for sweet buns led me to take a 45 minute drive 
(no biggie) to this little place where cinnamon dreams are made of. 

The farm and stand were more unassuming than I had imagined. I had been expecting a very busy place with 
a large variety of fruits and vegetables, much like Robert is Here. But it was clear from early on that their focus 
and specialty was in their bakery. My parents and I couldn't resist and each ended up getting a cinnamon roll, 
plus a "just baked" loaf of grain bread and some cheese bread sticks. We walked to the back of the stand, sat 
under a wooden canopy and ate our hearts away while looking at their beautiful farm. The rolls were by far the 
best I had ever tasted. A perfect combination of sweetness and cinnamon. And the breads, well.... I just can't stop 
thinking about them. Mmhhhmm, they were that good!

So if you're from the South Florida area, or you're visiting our beautiful city, you need to come and check out this 
place which is located in Homestead. I can promise you, the rolls and their fresh baked goods are well worth the drive. 

Stay tuned to our next post where we take a visit to Robert is Here...

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