Monday, September 22, 2014

10 Inspirations For Colorful and Rustic Doors For Your Home

Source: Paint and Pattern
Recently I've kind of been crushing on colorful and rustic doors. Why you may ask? Well if you think about it,
doors are one of the very first design elements that you see of a home. Sadly, doors are often overlooked when
thinking of design, and many people just don't give doors enough credit. Most doors you come across are your
standard, run of the mill basic design. In other words, BORING!

So in this post, I decided to share some really beautiful design inspirations. You'll see doors with very bold colors,
unusual shapes and sizes, and rustic effects. There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to designing or
painting a door for your living space. There's so much out there. Look for inspiration in colors you love,
in architecture you admire, and materials that you find fun and sustainable. Have fun with it and make the
outside of your home as unique and as special as the inside. 

Source: Earth Porn
Source: Belle Maison
Source: Jonathan Photos
Source: Mystic Chicanery
Source: Belle Maison
Source: Belle Maison
Source: Bibelot-BB
Source: Open Spaces Feng Shui

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