Tuesday, September 23, 2014

25 (Earthy) Ways To Bring Life, Serenity and Beauty Into Your Home

Source: The Sweet Escape 
For as long as I can remember, I've always lived surrounded by plants. In fact, when I think 
back to when I was growing up in the Dominican Republic, almost every inch of our house was 
decorated with flowers, small plants, tall plants, hanging plants, vegetable plants, you name it. 
My mother had turned our home into the plant kingdom. But I absolutely loved it, and still do 
to this day. In fact, I kind of followed in my mom's footsteps. 

Even though I grew up in cities for most of my life, I always felt surrounded by nature. 
And now being around trees, gardens, flowers and plants, to me represents life, happiness, 
a sense of brightness, beauty and calm. Most importantly, it reminds me of my wonderful and 
happy childhood. I never understood my mom's obsession, but i'm glad that wherever we 
went I was able to grow up in a little tamed jungle learning to appreciate the beauty and 
magic of living within nature. It's the most wonderful feeling. 

You don't need to have a green thumb to appreciate greenery, there are a variety of plants for every 
taste: low-maintenance, indoors, outdoors, etc. Go to your local nursery or Home Depot and 
ask for their recommendations based on your needs and lifestyle. If a little overwhelmed, just 
start with one plant but place it somewhere you can see it everyday. I can promise you, 
it'll brighten up your life. Here are some awesome inspirations to help you get started:
Source: L' Essenziale
Source: The Sweet Escape
Source: L' Essenziale
Source: L'Essenziale
Source: Vintage Revivals
Source: Lushome
Source: The Sweet Escape
Source: The Sweet Escape
Source: The Sweet Escape
Source: The Tao of Dana
Source: The Sweet Escape
Source: Vectormu
Source: Stupic.com
Source: The Tao of Dana
Source: The Jane Society
Source: The Jane Society
Source: Architecture  Design Gardens
Source: Julep
Source: Julep.com
Source: The Jane Society
Source: Freshome

Monday, September 22, 2014

10 Inspirations For Colorful and Rustic Doors For Your Home

Source: Paint and Pattern
Recently I've kind of been crushing on colorful and rustic doors. Why you may ask? Well if you think about it,
doors are one of the very first design elements that you see of a home. Sadly, doors are often overlooked when
thinking of design, and many people just don't give doors enough credit. Most doors you come across are your
standard, run of the mill basic design. In other words, BORING!

So in this post, I decided to share some really beautiful design inspirations. You'll see doors with very bold colors,
unusual shapes and sizes, and rustic effects. There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to designing or
painting a door for your living space. There's so much out there. Look for inspiration in colors you love,
in architecture you admire, and materials that you find fun and sustainable. Have fun with it and make the
outside of your home as unique and as special as the inside. 

Source: Earth Porn
Source: Belle Maison
Source: Jonathan Photos
Source: Mystic Chicanery
Source: Belle Maison
Source: Belle Maison
Source: Bibelot-BB
Source: Open Spaces Feng Shui

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

20 Fabulous Home Design Inspirations for Fall

Via: Design Blossom
Happy September everyone! To start off the month, I thought I'd hit you up with some wonderful decor and design 
inspirations for the fall season. Fall doesn't have to be tame and boring. Don't let predictability get the best of you. Most 
people like to go with the more traditional colors, but i personally like to break the rules. Rock your own design with 
some bold contrasting colors, go off the beaten path. Use interesting fabrics and unusual decor pieces. Mix it up and get wild. 

Hope you enjoy these wonderful spaces. If you have some ideas of your own to share, please leave us your comments 
or ideas at the button of the posting. 

Via: Lonny
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Via: DigsDigs
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Via: iVillage
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Via: DigsDigs

xo, karina

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