Saturday, August 23, 2014

diy: How to Make a Simple and Beautiful Rustic Dining Table

Source: A Beautiful Mess
I guess by now you might have gotten a hint that i'm somewhat obsessed with wooden pallets, so this should 
come as no surprise. I found this really cool diy dining table created by one of my favorite duos, Emma and Elsie 
from A Beautiful Mess. I immediately liked the idea of posting this on the blog because it's unlike many other 
diy projects in that it seems extremely simple to do. All you need are: 
    • some wooden pallets: the more character they have the better. You can easily find these pallets in trash dumps, supermarkets, hardware stores, etc. Check here to see where else you can find them. 
    • a solid thin piece of plywood which you can get for almost nothing at your local Home Depot.
    • wooden glue. I particularly like Gorilla Wood Glue.
    • a hacksaw (optional), to cut the pallets to size. You can get this online or at your local hardware store.
    • a drill, screws, liquid nail
    • and some simple table legs. Ikea has some great options. 
An average person can probably create this table within a day or make it a weekend project. You can get creative 
and maybe paint some pallets a different color. Instead of pallet, perhaps you can add/glue down a small planter 
in the middle of the table. The possibilities are endless. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to create 
this beautiful piece of functional art. Make sure to make it your own.
Source: A Beautiful Mess
Source: A Beautiful Mess
Source: A Beautiful Mess
Source: A Beautiful Mess
Source: A Beautiful Mess
Source: A Beautiful Mess

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