Thursday, July 31, 2014

Check out the Latest Additions to Our LoveJoy Vintage Shop

1. Vintage Tapestry Cross-body Bag - available at our LoveJoy Vintage Etsy shop - $24.00 
2. Mid-Century Modern Chairs in Burnt Orange - SOLD

Do you have any favorites? Let me know what you guys think of these pieces. And don't forget, since they're vintage, 
there's only one available of each pieces. So don't miss out and spread the love. 

l o v e  +  h a p p i n e s s, 

k a r i n a

Friday, July 11, 2014

I adore... Bohemian Style Inspired Bedrooms

 I realize I've neglected to write some "I adore..." posts in the last few months, and I've decided to bring it back on a 
weekly basis. It's actually one of my favorite posts because i get to research and write about stuff that... say it with me... 
"i adore". In this week's post I'm showing you some inspirational pictures of Boho Chic Inspired Bedrooms and some 
ideas on how to turn your space into a bohemian dream. 

Bohemian decor is quintessentially known to be very whimsical, eclectic, artsy and dramatic. In many cases color is 
at the forefront of the design. In this post however, I've chosen to show you a variety of design ideas that include more 
subtle boho styles, as well as more dramatic colorful designs.

For those of you interested in bohemian style, I've provided a few ideas on how to make any space bohemian chic. 
It just takes a little open mind, creativity and frankly, a little madness. 

For the walls

If you choose to go with a colorful palette, go with some bright saturated hues such as strong peacock blues, electric pinks and purples, etc. If you desire a more subtle look, go with warm colors such as burnt oranges and yellows. You can also use dramatic wall papers with whimsical prints. Find some inspiration here.

Use upholstery in contrasting colors and patterns such as florals, stripes or ethnic prints. You can find some ideas here.

Use fun, eclectic pieces, ideally vintage. Shop flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales for such pieces and if not already the color you like, paint them in saturated colors or use subtle colors and sand them to make the pieces look rustic and worn. Pair the furniture with unique (ideally vintage) decorations for visual appeal. Find some furniture inspiration here.

One type of lighting that I absolutely love and goes perfectly with bohemian decor is Moroccan-style chandeliers or lanterns. You can place this in the center of the room to make it a focal point or you can get smaller ones and hang them on each side of the bed, over your nightstand. You can also find a Victorian-style lampshade and place on a more simple lamp. Get some ideas here.

Accent the decor with bohemian elements such as patterned silk, Moroccan inspired pillows. Include vintage art work on the walls and around the room. Old, colorful, patterned kilim rugs with ethnic patterns are a great option. Position them in a haphazard fashion, and even place pillows on the floor to serve as informal seating. Hang old record albums, Moroccan tapestries or any beloved object on a wall. Stack old books on the floor and use place lamps to add a casual final touch to your Boho decor. You can get some great ideas here


Now you can boho it up and make your space as unique as you are. Feel free to share your DIY's with me, I'd be happy to write a post about your awesome before and after project.

With love, 


l o v e  h a p p i n e s s

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Be Wild and Bold - 17 New Vintage Earrings on LoveJoy Vintage

Hey guys, I just added these beautiful earrings to our shop at LoveJoy Vintage. Some pieces are vintage and others are handmade by Brazilian artisans using natural materials. Check them out, you'll absolutely love them! 

Oh and don't forget, there's only one of each available, so come by and get your perfect pair. 

You can also see these pieces on my very first YouTube video here. Keep in mind, I'm a total novice at making videos, so bear with me and stay tuned for a lot more. Enjoy!

l o v e  +  h a p p i n e s s,   K a r i n a 

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