Monday, June 2, 2014

NYC & Paris Part II - Falling In Love With Paris

It's nearly impossible not to fall in love with this city. I can't begin to explain just how crazy beautiful
this place is. Before visiting, I used to think "what is all the fuss?" and most people would tell me 
"you just have to be there". Well, it couldn't be more true. I was enamored with the breathtaking sites, 
the impressive architecture, the delectable cuisine, and the liveliness of the streets (mostly those small, 
culture-filled cobblestone streets). So I thought, instead of writing on my experience, which is so hard to 
put into words, it would be best to just show you what we captured through our camera lens. But let's 
keep it real, there's nothing like experiencing this city in person. 

The Majestic Eiffel Tower
Le Jardin du Luxembourg
Ponts des Arts
Pont des Arts
Du Louvre Museum
Arc de Triomphe
Notre Dame
Jardin du Luxembourg
Notre-Dame de Champs

Stay tuned for part III, "Thrifting in Paris". 

l o v e  +  h a p p i n e s s,   k a r i n a 

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