Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I adore... Eclectic Home Offices

Working... I would venture to say, probably not one of the must-do activities on your bucket list. But what if 
you worked in a space that really inspired you? One that got your creative juices flowing. My guess would be 
that this would make working life more tolerable... in fact, it could make it pretty sweet.  

Lately I've been reminiscing about the days when I used to work from home. Each day I was lucky enough to 
step into my own personal oasis -  a space which satisfied every one of my quirky needs and must-haves. 
The space was eye candy and I absolutely loved it!  

Recently, as I've been getting busier with LoveJoy and the blog, I've been getting a strong desire to decorate 
my own work space again.  My mind has been overwhelmed with ideas. So to get my fix (before the compulsions 
kick in), I thought I'd dig up some inspiring pictures to share with you. 

Below are some of my office must-haves:
  • a chandelier or Moroccan lamps
  • vintage pieces
  • artwork
  • recycled and upcycled pieces
  • wood and concrete
  • colorful pieces
  • clothing racks
  • full length mirror
  • flowers & lots of plants
So which is your favorite? And what are your personal must-haves?


  l o v e  +  j o y ,  K a r i n a

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