Monday, April 7, 2014

Going off the beaten path... Downtown Las Vegas

Last week I spent a few days in Las Vegas at a travel conference. I know what you're thinking, Vegas? for work? 
Quite the oxymoron right? Anyway, on my last night there, my colleague and I decided to venture out and explore  
Downtown Las Vegas and what many call "the old strip". I had never been there. After a 15 minute ride and a police report later 
(due to a little lost wallet incident), we explored the overly crowded, seedy, loud, and bright Fremont St.

From the beginning, we knew this was not just another night on the Las Vegas Strip. With all the glittering lights, 
bands playing in multiple stages and all the amusing (in some cases, half naked) street characters, I didn't know where to look. 
My eyes bounced like a pinball. I was disturbed and fascinated all at once. It is definitely a "must-see" for those who 
visit Vegas and especially for those of you who are not shy to see and experience some unusual and crazy stuff. 
This scene isn't for the faint of heart. You won't need those X-ray vision glasses. You've been warned.

After strolling the strip, we arrived at this place called the "Container Park", which had been recommended by some traveler 
you shared a cab with us. The Container Park, as it's name indicates, is a structure built from re-purposed shipping containers - 
a pleasant change of pace from the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip. My colleague and I were blown away to find 
this secluded, unique little gem. Upon arriving, a giant fire-breathing praying mantis sculpture greeted us at the entrance. 
Inside the container park we found a selection of cute little restaurants and retail outlets, all re-purposed and designed 
differently from the other. The park also features a stage with live music most days of the week, in addition to a playground 
which is designed for both children and adults. The park is 21 and over after 9pm every night. While at the park, 
we got to sample some tasty treats at a place called Pork & Beans. The Container Park was a nice surprise from the 
ordinary and certainly a place I'd recommend checking out while in Vegas. 

Have any of you made it to the lively Freemont Street or to the new Container Park? If so, and if you survived it, 
we would love to hear about your experience. And if there are any other somewhat underground places to 
discover is Las Vegas, shout it out, we would love to know.


  With love, 


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