Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's another DIY yo!! Limited Edition Lithograph revamp

Hey Hey! Happy Wednesday!
 So just a couple days ago i took a little shotgun trip to one of my favorite thrift stores. I hadn't been in 
a few weeks, which is why I was having some major withdrawals! I went towards the end of the day so I knew 
by that time most of the good stuff was going to be gone, but I just needed my fix, so on I went. To my surprise, 
I ended up finding two awesome pieces which I thought would be perfect for DIY projects. 

The first one is an "Adoration-Hound and Kitten" limited edition lithograph with a total edition size of only 
300 signed and numbered prints. I got number 276! Scored for only $8 and it's worth $150! The print was 
in pretty good condition but in a rather boring frame. I took that baby home, and gave it a little mini makeover. 
I ended up finding a frame that I had purchased at Ikea a while back and although I would've rather used 
an antique frame, this ended up working quite well. 

Below are some pictures of the before and after. It's one of the simplest DIY projects you can do at home. 
In this case I just pulled out the print, cut the edges to fit its new home and put it in the new frame. As simple as that!
So when shopping around, keep your eyes open because you never know when you'll find that perfect little 
piece that you can transform into something fabuloso!!

l o v e  +  j o y,   K a r i n a

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