Friday, April 25, 2014

We did it! Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run 2014 - Downtown Miami

We had such a great time last night participating in the 2014 Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run in Downtown Miami. 
A first for all of us in the Skyscanner team, but one that we'll most definitely be part of again. Best part of all, 
we took home the 3rd place prize in the t-shirt design contest. How awesome is that! Although I would like 
a recount. I just can't imagine any team having a sweeter t-shirt than ours.

All in all, it was a top night followed by delicious food and drinks at the Burger & Beer Joint in Brickell. 

l o v e  +  j o y ,  k a r i n a

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Quickest Way to Make 25,600 New Friends

 I am so excited! Today I will be running - oh who am I kidding.... more like speed walking, the Mercedes Benz 
5k Corporate Run here in Miami. The race has been sold out and more than 25,600 people will be participating. 
That's kind of crazy to me! I am not a runner, by any means, but the thought of being in the middle of the action 
with such a pumped up crowd of avid runners, is really exciting to me. I'm just hoping I don't get trampled.  :0

 l o v e  +  j o y ,  k a r i n a

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I adore... Eclectic Home Offices

Working... I would venture to say, probably not one of the must-do activities on your bucket list. But what if 
you worked in a space that really inspired you? One that got your creative juices flowing. My guess would be 
that this would make working life more tolerable... in fact, it could make it pretty sweet.  

Lately I've been reminiscing about the days when I used to work from home. Each day I was lucky enough to 
step into my own personal oasis -  a space which satisfied every one of my quirky needs and must-haves. 
The space was eye candy and I absolutely loved it!  

Recently, as I've been getting busier with LoveJoy and the blog, I've been getting a strong desire to decorate 
my own work space again.  My mind has been overwhelmed with ideas. So to get my fix (before the compulsions 
kick in), I thought I'd dig up some inspiring pictures to share with you. 

Below are some of my office must-haves:
  • a chandelier or Moroccan lamps
  • vintage pieces
  • artwork
  • recycled and upcycled pieces
  • wood and concrete
  • colorful pieces
  • clothing racks
  • full length mirror
  • flowers & lots of plants
So which is your favorite? And what are your personal must-haves?


  l o v e  +  j o y ,  K a r i n a

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hands Down... Best Aji Amarillo Ceviche Recipe Ever

 So truth be told, I am OBSESSED with ceviche... I mean, can you blame me? This light and refreshing chunk of goodness 
is packed with flavor and soul. I love all types, "mixto", "traditional", "with sweet potatoes" or "large kernel corn", 
but my absolute favorite is with "aji amarillo".  I can taste it right now! But luckily, I live in Miami where you can find a 
killer selection of ceviche restaurants like Ceviche 105 and My Ceviche (my go-to's). 

One day I thought to myself, (in my quest for domestication and a healthier lifestyle), "I can TOTALLY do this". 
What led me to believe that? Well you have to be somewhat spastic to understand. But to my surprise, and that of many 
others (no faith I tell you), I rocked my first ceviche. I didn't follow any particular recipes but instead decided to do my own 
thing using ingredients I particularly love. And just this past weekend I made my third dish. Yes, I am now and officially a 
ceviche connosieur. And let me tell you.... many of these restaurant have nothing on this recipe. Go ahead, try it yourself...
I've posted the recipe below. But please keep in mind, I didn't use specific measurements, I simply kept taste-testing it 
as I went along, so I suggest you do the same as everyone's taste is different.
  So for this past weekend I ended up using Dover Sole (fish). I had never used it before and to be honest, it's not my 
favorite fish for ceviche, as it has a pretty pungent fish smell. I ended up going with this because my go-to fish, Sea Bass, 
was an ungodly $30/lb. Yeah....I don't think so! 

In order to get rid of the fishy smell, I followed these instructions which helped ease the not so sexy smell. 


  • 2 lbs. white fish (preferably sea bass or grouper, but you can also use Corvina, tilapia, sole, red smapper, etc). 
  • 1 tablespoon sea salt
  • 5 large juicy limes
  • 1 large juicy lemon
  • 1 small clove garlic, chopped very fine
  • 1/4 cup of chopped cilantro
  • 1/2 medium onion, chopped fine
  • 1 teaspoon coriander powder
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 small avocado, chopped in small cubes
  • 1/2 jar of Aji Amarillo sauce (can be purchased at Publix in the Ethic section)
 Wash the fish well. In this case I soaked it in milk for 20 minutes after washing to get rid of the smell. Wash off the milk. 
Then place fish in a bowl and mix the limes, lemon, and all other ingredients except for the avocado (which I topped off at the end). 
Let the fish marinate for 24 hours or less (I like it well cooked and lemony so I leave it overnight) The result... 
the best Aji Amarillo Ceviche EVER! I can bet my life savings on it, yeap, the whole $2 I have in there.

So if you love cheviche and are feeling bold and hungry, this is a fairly simple and ridiculously delicious (and quite healthy) 
meal to make. And if you decide to get crazy, I would love to hear your comments on the recipe.

Signing off from Miami Beach! Stay tuned for more...

l o v e  +  j o y,   k a r i n a

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's another DIY yo!! Limited Edition Lithograph revamp

Hey Hey! Happy Wednesday!
 So just a couple days ago i took a little shotgun trip to one of my favorite thrift stores. I hadn't been in 
a few weeks, which is why I was having some major withdrawals! I went towards the end of the day so I knew 
by that time most of the good stuff was going to be gone, but I just needed my fix, so on I went. To my surprise, 
I ended up finding two awesome pieces which I thought would be perfect for DIY projects. 

The first one is an "Adoration-Hound and Kitten" limited edition lithograph with a total edition size of only 
300 signed and numbered prints. I got number 276! Scored for only $8 and it's worth $150! The print was 
in pretty good condition but in a rather boring frame. I took that baby home, and gave it a little mini makeover. 
I ended up finding a frame that I had purchased at Ikea a while back and although I would've rather used 
an antique frame, this ended up working quite well. 

Below are some pictures of the before and after. It's one of the simplest DIY projects you can do at home. 
In this case I just pulled out the print, cut the edges to fit its new home and put it in the new frame. As simple as that!
So when shopping around, keep your eyes open because you never know when you'll find that perfect little 
piece that you can transform into something fabuloso!!

l o v e  +  j o y,   K a r i n a

Monday, April 7, 2014

Going off the beaten path... Downtown Las Vegas

Last week I spent a few days in Las Vegas at a travel conference. I know what you're thinking, Vegas? for work? 
Quite the oxymoron right? Anyway, on my last night there, my colleague and I decided to venture out and explore  
Downtown Las Vegas and what many call "the old strip". I had never been there. After a 15 minute ride and a police report later 
(due to a little lost wallet incident), we explored the overly crowded, seedy, loud, and bright Fremont St.

From the beginning, we knew this was not just another night on the Las Vegas Strip. With all the glittering lights, 
bands playing in multiple stages and all the amusing (in some cases, half naked) street characters, I didn't know where to look. 
My eyes bounced like a pinball. I was disturbed and fascinated all at once. It is definitely a "must-see" for those who 
visit Vegas and especially for those of you who are not shy to see and experience some unusual and crazy stuff. 
This scene isn't for the faint of heart. You won't need those X-ray vision glasses. You've been warned.

After strolling the strip, we arrived at this place called the "Container Park", which had been recommended by some traveler 
you shared a cab with us. The Container Park, as it's name indicates, is a structure built from re-purposed shipping containers - 
a pleasant change of pace from the glitz of the Las Vegas Strip. My colleague and I were blown away to find 
this secluded, unique little gem. Upon arriving, a giant fire-breathing praying mantis sculpture greeted us at the entrance. 
Inside the container park we found a selection of cute little restaurants and retail outlets, all re-purposed and designed 
differently from the other. The park also features a stage with live music most days of the week, in addition to a playground 
which is designed for both children and adults. The park is 21 and over after 9pm every night. While at the park, 
we got to sample some tasty treats at a place called Pork & Beans. The Container Park was a nice surprise from the 
ordinary and certainly a place I'd recommend checking out while in Vegas. 

Have any of you made it to the lively Freemont Street or to the new Container Park? If so, and if you survived it, 
we would love to hear about your experience. And if there are any other somewhat underground places to 
discover is Las Vegas, shout it out, we would love to know.


  With love, 


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