Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I adore....

This week's "I adore..." post is all about vintage table lamps. I have this weird fascination for them! Then again....I have a weird fascination and obsession for almost everything vintage!Who am I kidding?

But vintage table lamps add a special touch, look and feel to a room. Even if the room is entirely modern, the vintage lamps bring a touch of eclecticism, charm and sophistication. Below I've shared some inspirational pieces I am absolutely in love with, which I found online. So for those of you bold enough to mix it up and give your space some vintage love....go online or better yet, venture off to your favorite local thrift shops to see what treasures you might find. And don't be disappointed if you find a lamp without a shade, this is pretty normal at thrift you might have to search for that perfect lamp shade as well. Piece of advice: patience is most needed when searching for the perfect piece, so enjoy the journey. 

W i t h  l o v e,   K a r i n a

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