Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A PG Version of What's Happening in American Farms. Some Farmers Need to Grow a Pair & Grow Some Heart

In a world where there's so much good and so much love, how can there be so much bad and so much pain? The type of bad that cares of nothing, that lacks compassion in every sense. The type that finds joy in evil and glorifies inhumanity. 

This is a very short film I just came across - and what a big impact it had on me. I wanted to share it in the hopes that the collective impact can help in bringing awareness, removing the blindness, and just inspiring change. As I sit and write this, humbled, I'm thinking of what I can do in my power to change this... to make it better. Why all this suffering, and why all the torture. It makes me livid to think about the horrific reality and the beasts behind this, that in my eyes, don't deserve any mercy. 

I hope this brief glimpse to this harsh reality creates some sense of compassion that can, even in the smallest way, make a shift in the way we see, act and react to humanity. 

With love,  Karina

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