Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh Sweet Love! Valentine's Day Inspirations...

Valentine's day - a holiday that sparks so many emotions in all of us: that of romantic love, family love and even feelings of sadness and loneliness could creep up for some of us.  But even though this beautiful day has been catastrophically commercialized, it's important for us to remember that in this day we should be so grateful for all the love we receive and share in this universe, no matter who it's with, whether it be sharing a smile with a stranger or spending quality time over Skype with a loved one.  And in my case, even though I'm working the evening of Valentine's and I'm (uber) single, I still catch myself getting excited about another holiday which gives us an excuse to celebrate, be ridiculously cheesy and hopeful and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our love in a different way. So no matter what your situation is, hope you find a way to enjoy this day and appreciate the beauty in your life, because guess what? lucky enough, we all have some of that. : ) So in the spirit of love, friendship and happiness, I thought I'd share some valentine's day inspirations. 

Valentine's Day Digs

Valentine's Day Yummies

Valentine's Day Home

Photo courtesy of www.homedit.com

Photo courtesy of www.homedit.com

With love, Karina

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