Friday, June 29, 2012

Sexy, Geeky, Do-Gooder - Warby Parker Style

Hey guys, so I thought I'd write a short post on my Owen glasses, or rather, my Warby's. You see recently, I've been getting a lot of compliments and questions about where I got my nerdy vintage glasses, and I just couldn't keep this piece of goodness to myself - it would be sacrilege not to share. 

the company is called Warby Parker and I dare say it - I've become a die-hard fan.  Aside from having one of the sweetest selections of "nerxy" frames (nerdy & sexy), they're mission & vision is admirable & inspirational. All frames are $95 and for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need. how altruistically sexy is that?? 

but wait, i'm not done yet, the company is also environmentally conscious. They are one of the only carbon-neutral eyewear brands in the world.  they also do some other pretty cool stuff - you can post your picture on their site and try on the glasses virtually - geeeniuuusss!!  Furthermore, you  have the option to choose up to 5 frames on their website which they would send to you free of charge and free of shipping, just so you could try them on. it's obvious the company gets it! they're brilliant, they're generous and their customer service is badass. How can you not be a fan.

I wear the Owen style frames. If you have a pair of Warby's feel free to share any pictures or a little bit about your experience. And if any questions, just hit me up....

peace + love + happiness, karina

P.S. Check out the Warby Barker collection for canines.  Seriously, what??  I like their style.... I'm just sayin'.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks for the post! love your store and blog btw. will stay tuned, hope you do as well!


  2. Those are truly so adorable! You look fantastic. :) xo Kinsey

    1. so sweet, thank you so much. and have to say, your blog is one of my top 5, and i follow quite a few. amazing work!

  3. Replies
    1. hi Isabella, thank you so much! you're message put a huge smile on my face. :)

  4. wow! i like it!

    1. Thank you GG, appreciate the comment. Just checked out your blog! ;)


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