Monday, June 11, 2012

I wanna Rock - 'Rock of Ages' Movie Premiere

Fans at the movie premiere

I got really lucky last Thursday when my friend Jason was able to score VIP tickets to the premiere screening of 'Rock of Ages', here in Miami Beach. Little did I know that I had underestimated the nostalgic influence of the 80's. Being a diehard 80's fan myself I was excited and shocked to see that people were rocking their 80's digs. I was in total disbelief!! Luckily, I had unconsciously decided  to wear my striped neon skirt. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to buy my Aqua-Net hairspray and perm, tease or crimp my hair  - that would've been TOTALLY RAD!! (If you're feeling like rocking the 80's do, check out this little fun tutorial).

The movie turned out to be fantastic. The whole vibe of the night was pretty incredible. I haven't seen the Broadway show, so can't really compare. But I would definitely recommend. So if you're looking for something fun to do this coming weekend, grab your Cavaricci's, your off the shoulder neon top, neon make-up, neon nail polish, neon.... you get the point, and head over for a really good time of rockin' music and a bitchin' good time!

Rock on, 



  1. cute blog!!

    Ps. Definitely following you! =) Would love it if you could do the same. <3 <3



  2. Hi Lesley, thank you so much! Like your blog as well. Will definitely follow you thru Bloglovin. Best of luck and talk to you soon. :)

    cheers, karina

  3. Nice pics!
    Fashion drawings inspired by neon trend on my blog, click here to check them out and let me know what you think!

  4. How fun! I almost saw it last night, but had to postpone. Maybe I'll dress up when I go!

  5. Definitely dress up! It'll make the experience so much more epic! Enjoy and thanks for visiting! :)

  6. pictures r a reflection of ta great time u had---u look like a fun loving free spirited person--love to read more bout u!

    1. you are so sweet! thank you so much; i'm so glad you like it. i just recently started writing and thought it would be a great way to keep and document some of these wonderful memories that I could share with my family, friends and new friends like you. hope you continue enjoying. if any feedback, don't ever hesitate to share.


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