Friday, June 8, 2012

Friends, Thrills & Taking it back to the Old School

Having dinner with friends at Books & Books on Lincoln Road, celebrating Marty's visit

New friend and wake boarding instructor, Rich.

First time wakeboarding - I'm trying to play it cool, but I was so excited I was doing cart wheels inside my head.

Post-wakeboarding - I'm on a total high and hooked for life

Yaaaayyyy - that's me - wakeboarding... going over wakes one moment and landing on my face the next.

All the credit goes to these guys - Rich and Rick.

Wakeboarding crew at Markham Park, FL.

With my friend David having Sunday Brunch at Soho Beach House, Miami - YUM!

With friends Ana and Scott - taking a dip next door at the Mondrian pool.
Lazy Sunday - at the Mondrian.

With friends Ana and Jason - Yet again, these are the moments I live for...

My friend Telsys - showing her moves at Hot Wheels Roller Skating Rink

With friends celebrating Telsys birthday at Hot Wheels (this was pre busting my ass 3 times)

Our amazing view... I could never get enough!

With friends at Jeronimo's and The Room - celebrating each other.
The last two weeks have been pretty incredible. I've been spending a significant amount of time with good friends, meeting new ones and rekindling old friendships. I've been more active than ever doing things that I love and have always wanted to do, like playing volleyball on the beach, boxing, watching the basketball playoffs, wakeboarding, riding my cruiser and reading. I've also just recently signed up to play in a flag football league which starts in July - I'm so psyched yet incredibly nervous. With all this, what I realize and remind myself day by day is that the way I feel and the things that develop in my life have so much to do with my attitude. How you see, take and interpret things that you come across in life, is everything. Your attitude can and will change the course of your life. It's important to recognize that in every moment, we have a multitude of options that we can choose to focus on and it's up to us to make the effort to focus on the more lighthearted and beautiful things in life. What will you choose? I'll take a large bowl of happiness, sprinkled with love and a side of laughter.

cheers, me

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  1. Super tu Kari, just how I remember you... me estaba acordando de la cancion que nos inventamos cuando ninas (way back) con Merly "let's party"... hahahaha... happy timeZ!! (((:

    1. Hi my love, YES, those were some great times!! Funny, two weeks ago I was thinking about us and how we totally made up this great song but I couldn't remember the words. We were rockstars....hahaha, well, we still are! Thanks for reminding me. Hope things are wonderful with you. Te quiero mucho! :)


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