Wednesday, October 13, 2010

republiika at the Lincoln Road Antique Market

this is cause for celebration. i've procrastinated so much in getting this blog up, but thanks to my sister Anne, my cousin Vicky and the start of a new season at the Lincoln Road Antique Market, the blog is finally up. 
For those of you that are new to republiika, here's a little brief:
republiika is a hip enlcave which was founded out of love for simple, eccentric and smart fashion & decor. republiika curates a playful, bold and nifty collection of unique handmade and vintage finds found locally and from my travels. I go in search of the most sweetest, eclectic and radical digs from some of the coolest and offbeat artisans.
the inspiration behind my collection originates from so many elements of life: my love for travel, my adoration for everything artisanal and bohemian, the beauty of nature, righteousness, diversity, creativity, etc.  the selection is the perfectly harmonious union between vintage, artisinal and bohemian.
so i've been extremely busy lately, with the launch of the site, the launch of our blog and prepping for some pretty cool shows. Below are some pictures i want to share from our first Lincoln Road Antique show this season, in Miami. i had no idea what I was in for when i signed up. but thanks to my sweetheart, I decided to let go of all expectations and just enjoy the show. in the end, the market was a success.  Our vintage digs were the most beloved pieces. My two favorite items, the Rainbow Bright Vintage Dress and the multi-color crossbody leather bag, sold! I was heartbroken... but psyched cause i made a new customer & friend.

the reaction of the people was great. most people called our collection "super eclectic", so i'm glad that my effort in making the collection unique and versatile is admired and appreciated. 
here they are...check out our shots.  Cheers and stay tuned for more. explore with love, karina

handmade brazilian leather crossbody & vintage bag
hunger strikes!

      handmade dominican necklaces made from seeds, coconut, shells...
handmade earrings from brazil
some pieces from the collection i designed
reduce, recycle, reuse, RELOVE
taking a little break from the crowds
vintage handbags
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